S-MPPT Optimizer

There may be degradation of modules caused by bypass diode damage, PID effect, shadow, different obliquity, dust and other problem in the application of solar plant. These phenomenons could lead to dropping of string voltage, and voltage mismatching of the strings.

S-MPPT Optimizer

Voltage mismatch When meeting above problems, the electrical performance of strings in one inverter may differ greatly.

Generally, strings are parallel connected. With the action of inverter, all the strings work at the same voltage. Assume that inverter working at the voltage of MPP voltage of string. Power loss

Without S-MPPT

Introduction to S-MPPT Optimizer

S-MPPT, could control output current and voltage of every string with DC to DC boost converters to work at MPP. It can improve the power loss caused by voltage mismatching.


  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Increasing string voltage and extending generation time
  • String isolated, avoiding strings interaction
  • Monitoring electricity performance parameter
  • Easily installed, widely matching

S-MPPT is installed between the DC combiner box and low voltage string, making it operating at MPP. Also it could avoid interaction between low voltage and high voltage string, improving the power of inverter.


String optimalization