PID Doctor

You lose 5-15% of the overall power output of your PV system due to PID. In a 1 MWp system, such a loss is equivalent to at least 25 000 EURO per year. Fortunately, there is an easy solution: our PID Doctor.

7 reasons to purchase the PID Doctor


favicon-32x32 It regenerates damaged modules and restores up to 98% of their original power
favicon-32x32 The PID Doctor technology stops the degeneration of PV modules
favicon-32x32 It acts as a preventative measure - PID will never trouble you again
favicon-32x32 It doesn't interfere with the operation of PV modules. It works only at night
favicon-32x32 Your investment pays for itself within 2 years at the latest
favicon-32x32 A suitable solution for all PV systems and custom devices
favicon-32x32 A certified technology with proven experience

10 days


3 months

A considerable increase in power after 10 days of use
PV module power restoration of up to 98%
lost power restored within 3 months of use

How does the PID Doctor work?

pid_d_03 pid_d_04 pid_d_06
We install the PID Doctor between the inverter and PV modules At night, the device changes the polarization of the modules and by doing so contributes to their regeneration The PID Doctor restores the original power output of your PV modules and prevents further degradation