PV diagnostics

Does the power output of your PV system fall below your expectations? It´s high time you turned to an independent expert. We offer thermal imaging (IR) and specialised PID diagnostics. Our company tested devices with a installed power exceeding 100 MWp. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Comprehensive thermal imaging diagnostics

A rudimentary test in PV system operation often reveals the cause of the declining output of PV modules. The most frequent causes include: pid_d_01

  • defective or damaged PV modules,
  • disconnected or short-circuited PV modules,
  • strings not generating power,
  • PV modules with high contact resistance,
  • PV modules affected by PID degradation,
  • faulty diodes.

We will use thermal imaging diagnostics to test your PV modules, switchboards and inverters. We can cope even with large PV systems and roof installations. We use drones for such imaging.

PID diagnostics


Our diagnostic methods are a great way to determine the extent of PID degradation and its impact on the output of PV modules:

  • thermal imaging measurements,
  • measurements of current-voltage characteristics,
  • dark current-voltage measurements,
  • voltage measurements.

If you suspect that PID is the reason behind the drop in your PV modules' power output, don't wait any longer and have them diagnosed. The longer your PV modules are exposed to PID, the more money you lose.